Feb 062012
  • Full Transcript of Josh Hamilton Press Conference here.  For those of you that may have missed the press conference, here:

  • Shortly after the press conference, Josh spoke at a Christian Men’s Rally in Katy, TX, saying ”I could hide in shame, and not show up tonight and be withdrawn, but I didn’t want to do that.  I’m doing what I had to do today. I am fessing up. I am going to be a man about it, I am fessing up. People are going to call me a hypocrite, but I am a sinful man.”
  • Monday Morning FastballsJean-Jacques Taylor (ESPNDallas.com) wrote a piece on the shift of leverage in the Hamilton contract extension talks, saying “Hamilton and the Texas Rangers had been discussing the parameters of a new contract throughout the offseason.
    Those discussions have ended.
    Not forever, but long enough for the Rangers to gain a full understanding of what’s happening in Hamilton’s life after he admitted to having three or four drinks Monday night at a Dallas bar before heading to another establishment for more drinks.
    He has jeopardized a huge payday, which reveals everything we need to know about the depth and strength of his addiction.”
    Check out the rest of the story here.
  • Peter Gammons (MLB.com) wrote a great column about Jeff Allison, a former highly touted minor leaguer, and his familiarity with Hamilton’s situation.  Allison, who has been fighting addiction for over 5 years, says “I know nothing of the particulars of what happened to Josh, but I will say this: I know how hard it is to fight.”
  • Rangers Fans Express Empathy for Hamilton by Drew Davidson (Star-Telegram)
  • Rangers Must Decide if Hamilton Can Be Trusted by Randy Galloway (Star-Telegram)
  • Jon Daniel’s made some comments regarding the Hamilton news.  JD says, “This is not a baseball story.  This is real.  It’s something that Josh deals with.  It’s an addiction”  Check out the video below.

  • Reports of a alleged video of Hamilton from the night of his relapse were buzzing over the weekend.  Nothing yet, and hopefully this was just rumors.
  • Josh’s new accountability partner will be announced today.

Non-Josh News

  • Richard Durrett (ESPNDallas.com) posted some of the Rangers Super Bowl picks.  Quite of few picked the Giants in a close one, including Nolan Ryan, Michael Young and Matt Harrison.  See all the picks here.
  • Brad Hawpe is happy to be back in Texas.  The former Saginaw Boswell High School standout recent underwent Tommy John surgery, and said “I’ve been swinging and hitting the ball with no complications.”
  • It’s believed that the Athletics are interested in Koji Uehara.  You don’t normally see a player traded within the division, but given the A’s rebuilding efforts (dealing away Gio Gonzalez and Trevor Cahill), this wouldn’t be of much consequence.  I have to think that Billy Beane is looking to flip Koji at the trade deadline…money ball.
  • Don’t count out Julio Borbon in the “Battle for Center Field” that will occur at Spring Training, starting later this month.  Borbon, who has had a productive winter playing in the Dominican Republic, says “This winter I was able to get things done and it’s exactly what I needed.  I got some playing time and the at-bats I missed. It’s been a long season, especially when some people call it an ‘offseason,’ but I’m happy with the work I was able to do and I’m ready to roll into Spring Training.”
    You can read the rest of the article about Borbon (by Jesse Sanchez, MLB.com) here.
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