Feb 092012
  • Thursday Morning ChangeupsHopefully, tomorrow morning we’ll be posting an update that the Rangers and Nelson Cruz have reached an agreement and avoided arbitration.  Evan Grant (SportsDay DFW) reports “According to a major league source, the club is close with OF Nelson Cruz on a two-year deal that would eliminate his scheduled arbitration hearing next week.”  Grant provides more details and a good comp here.
    The deal is expected to get done this morning.
  • Details on Elvis Andrus’ 3-year contract were released yesterday.  Elvis will get $3.125 million in 2012,  $4.8 million in 2013 and $6.475 million in 2014 for a total of $14.4 million. The annual average value is $4.8 million.
    Elvis had this to say about getting the contract wrapped up and his future with the club, “These next three years, I can focus on the team and continue to help the lineup have success.  I’m still learning every day. My best years are coming. I’m getting to know myself and my offense. I’m just trying to get better every year.”
  • Fangraphs.com recently published what they believe to be the 10 worst transactions of this off-season.  The Rangers made the list one at #8 with the signing of Joe Nathan.  From the article:
    “During his prime, Nathan was one of the best relievers in baseball. Then he had Tommy John surgery, spent a year on the DL, and was essentially a replacement level arm during his first year back on the mound in 2011. The velocity was still there and he still got a decent amount of strikeouts, but his extreme fly ball ways turned into a home run problem, and going to Texas probably isn’t going to alleviate that issue. Nathan’s a decent enough bounce back candidate, but that’s why they invented one year deals with incentives. At 2/14, the Rangers should have gotten a sure thing, but Nathan is a high-risk arm who hasn’t been a good pitcher since 2009. If Texas would have shown a bit more patience, they probably could have ended up with Ryan Madson instead.”
    Check out the full list here.
  • The Rangers Believe in Mitch Moreland…of course they do, but if you need some more feel good reading on the first basemen, check out Richard Justice’s (MLB.com) article here.
  • T.R. Sullivan (MLB.com) wrote a good column about the questions the Rangers must answer during Spring Training this year, including setting the starting rotation and figuring out who will play center field.  Good read.  Jasen and I are going to be going over what we believe to be the primary questions that the Rangers need to answer during Spring Training in an upcoming podcast.
  • Speaking of the podcast, it’s been a few weeks now since our last episode.  We are not giving up on the podcast.  Just been working out some technical difficulties and trying to get everything straightened out before Spring Training starts.  Stay tuned.
  • Hope to have Round 2 of the American League West Position Battle posted later tonight.
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