Feb 162012
  • Thursday Morning ChangeupsJosh Hamilton is back at the top of the Rangers headlines as he gave his first interview since his relapse yesterday.  He was interviewed by his LIFE Outreach pastor, Dr. James Robinson, on the Glenn Beck show on GBTV.com.
  • Josh didn’t really get into any specifics in the interview, but talked more about his commitment to becoming a better person.  He seemed to have some genuine excitement over the progress he has made so far since the incident occurred two weeks ago and talks about the improvement in communications between he and Katie.
  • Here is the full interview, compliments of GBTV.com:

  • Mac Engel wrote “Is Josh Hamilton being forgiven because of his color?”  It’s worth the read, as Engel poses some interesting questions and challenges those that have forgiven Josh to ask why.  The color of his skin doesn’t matter to me, but I understand where Mac’s coming from here.  I honestly want to believe that it’s the sincerity with which Josh talks about life, struggles and experiences that leads to his forgiveness by his fans.  At the core of it, everyone’s different and everyone probably has slightly different feelings towards why they forgive Josh, if they indeed do forgive Josh.
  • If your not interested in watching the entire video, you can see a short excerpt from the video, plus get a summary from T.R. Sullivan (MLB.com) here.
  • Details related to Nelson Cruz’s contract have been released.  Here is how it is structured:
    2012: $5 million
    2013: $10.5 million
    Cruz can add up to $500k in 2013 based on the number of plate appearances he reaches.  He get’s $100k at each of the following level of plate appearances: 500, 525, 550, 575, 600.
    He can also earn an extra $50k if he makes the All-Star team and an extra $75k if he is the ALCS MVP, an award which he won in 2011.
  • Mike Napoli threw down the gauntlet to  former teammate C.J. Wilson on the  Ben & Skin Show (103.3FM, ESPN) yesterday.  Ok, maybe that’s a bit of an over-exaggeration, but Napoli expressed his allegiance to his current team by saying, “I don’t like them anymore; I’m not a part of them, and I’m a Texas Ranger now. [When I see C.J. Wilson], I’m going to do what I try to do to any other pitcher. I might give C.J. a head nod, but I’m still going to try and take him deep.”
  • When asked about Josh Hamilton’s current situation, Napoli told Ben & Skin “I thought it was pretty crazy. I mean, it was sad … you never want to have something like that happen to him, but it was pretty crazy and a sad couple of days for me. I hope he’s getting better and I want him to know I’ll be there if he needs.”
  • And finally, Napoli’s thought on catching Yu Darvish in 2012, “Yeah, it’s going to be pretty crazy. Hopefully he can learn a little English and I can learn a little Japanese so we can yell at each other. I’m pretty sure we’re going to have to work something out during Spring Training, whether it’s hand signals or something.”
  • The Rangers are spiffing up the outfield plaza for the fans.  Drew Davidson (Star-Telegram) covers the changes here, saying “Last off-season, a new video board and sound system highlighted approximately $13 million in upgrades. This off-season, the team is spending about $12 million to renovate its Vandergriff Plaza in the center field area with a Batter’s Eye Club, a two-story restaurant/sports bar, more concession stands, a new visiting bullpen and an indoor area for kids.”
    Be sure to check out the photos in that article to get a look at the changes.
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