May 022012

Wednesday Morning CurveballsWash ain’t gonna cry…

A baseball season is long and full of ups and downs.  Last night was a down…

Wash says it best…

“Any loss is difficult to take, whether they got a base hit up the middle and the run scored or it left the ballpark and the run scored. The thing is they beat us,” Washington said. “Yeah, we may helped them a little, but they beat us. We got back in the ballgame, and Lawrie deserves some credit. He hit the ball out of the ballpark. Mike Adams has been flawless. That’s why I say there’s no perfection in this game. But I’m not going to cry, we’ll bounce back tomorrow.”

Brett Lawrie did the dirty deed and Mike Adams gave it up.  No need to rehash something like this too much.  This was an ugly game top to bottom, and the Adams pitch was just the final dagger.

“It was a cutter, slider, whatever you want to call it,” Adams said. “It caught too much of the plate. I knew he hit it well. I didn’t know whether it was out or not. I thought it might be going off the wall, but obviously it hit off the top of the wall. He did his job.”


Wednesday Morning CurveballsElvis Andrus had his streak of consecutive games without an error come to a screeching halt in the bottom of the 7th when he wasn’t able to successfully transfer the ball from glove to hand.

Elvis had played 54 innings without committing an error at one of the most demanding positions on the field.  As this streak became discussion-worthy over the last few days, I had assumed that when the streak ended, it would be on a play that could have been argued to be a hit and not an error.  I could see thousands of tweets saying “shouldn’t have been an error.  no other SS in mlb would have even gotten to that ball…”.  Does this mean that Wash is going to have to start busting E’s balls a little more?  Doesn’t sound like it.

“It’s a clunker,” Wash said. “I think anybody that’s ever been out there has had that happen to them. It’s just a clunker. He backhanded the ball, and he just didn’t find it properly in his glove and it fell out. It happens.”

Feliz struggles with control and the BIG inning

Neftali Feliz gave up 4 earned runs on 4 hits and 6 walks over 5 innings of work while striking out 4, getting a no-decision in the loss.  The 3rd inning proved to be a fatal one in Nefti’s worst start of the young season, as he gave up all 4 runs on home runs by Kelly Johnson and Jose Bautista.

Feliz was skipped his last time through in the rotation, as Scooter Feldman made the spot start.  The time off didn’t prove to be helpful for Neftali, as he experienced his worst start of the young season.  Keep in mind that he’s still a young pitcher, and even in a poor outing like last night there were flashes of brilliance.

“It’s growing,” Washington said of the 23-year-old Feliz. “He’s got to grow. He’ll grow into it. The main thing is he just couldn’t get the ball down. He elevated it.”

Quick Hits

  • Josh Hamilton & Adrian Beltre were both out of the lineup last night due to soreness and stiffness.  Beltre was the DH on Monday, but the turf seemed to bother his hammy.

“That turf killed him, so he came in sore and we’re going to back off,” Washington said. “We’ll just see how he comes in Wednesday. Me personally, I don’t care if he plays tomorrow or not. I don’t want him to get hurt, and if he’s sore, I don’t want to take any chance. He wasn’t having this problem before we came on this turf.”

  • A Yu Darvish vs. C.J. Wilson match up on Friday, May 11th looks very likely at this point…tasty!
  • Go vote for the Rangers All-Time Team.
  • Matt Harrison (3-1, 3.38 ERA) and Ricky Romero (3-0, 3.18 ERA) face off today (11:37 CST) in the rubber match.
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