May 222012

Tuesday Morning Sliders

Superman has his Kryptonite, Achilles has his heel, Darvish has the Mariners???

In Yu’s first start of the year he faced the bottom feeders of the AL West and got ROUGHED up in a forgettable introduction to American baseball. After that start, Yu has rolled through baseball with a 1.94 ERA and was ready to redeem himself against those same Mariners. The first hitter of the game, a NASTY strikeout on three pitches. Oh yeah baby! this is going to be an awesome game to see! Next batter…four pitch walk. Oh dear. Unfortunately the rest of his start went more like the second batter than the first.

As if it wasn’t bad enough the Rangers were facing a motivated Felix Hernandez who had two un-Felix type starts leading up to this game. The Rangers offense (who still look a little lost) couldn’t muster any runs until the 8th inning when Mitch Moreland continued his hot hitting with a solo home run.

What they were saying after the game:


“I was apologetic because I wasn’t able to go deep in the game as a starter should,” Darvish said. “Overall the approach and the substance of the game … it wasn’t that good.”

“The early part of the game I was OK with my command,” Darvish said. “But somewhere in the middle when I really needed to throw a strike, I struggled to get a strike.”

On Ichiro

“He’s a good hitter,” Darvish said. “The first triple, the ball was down and he did a good job getting the bat on the ball. The second hit was a bad pitch, the ball was right down the middle.”

Ron Washington:

“I told him it’s part of the game,” said Washington, who was more concerned that Darvish understand why he was pulled from the game so early. “I told him we’re not out to try and kill him. That was a lot of pitches in a short period of time. We need him for the rest of the year, not just one night.”

on Felix

“We’ve seen that before, he’s capable of doing that,” Washington said. “Tonight was his night and not Darvish’s.”

Eric Wedge:

On Yu

“It had been awhile and the first time was different because it was his first time,” Mariners manager Eric Wedge said. “But obviously he’d been having a lot of success, and our guys did a great job against him tonight. Obviously, he has a good arm, keeps the ball down for the most part, but again, you’ve really got to tip your hat to our guys. Offensively, our guys went up there and made him come into the zone, and when he didn’t, we took the passes when we could.”

As if a loss wasn’t enough, The Rangers found out yesterday that first year starter Neftali Feliz will be placed on the 15 day DL

Scott Feldman will take his spot in the rotation but there has been discussion about signing former Astro Roy Oswalt who recently threw a bullpen session for several teams. More to come!

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