Jan 232012
  • Monday Morning FastballsA football intensive Sunday still had a glimmer of baseball banter, as Twitter provided more rumors, speculation and flat silliness last night regarding the potential signing of Prince Fielder.  Just a sample – “Fielder agrees to 8 year deal with Nationals.”, “Fielder headed to DFW for physical tonight.”, “Prince has signed with the Miami Heat.”
    Twitter’s fun…
  • Newest entry in the Prince sweepstakes = LA Dodgers
    We’ll see…feels like some folks are just reaching for stories at this point.
  • Evan Grant tweeted this morning: “Regarding last night’s Prince Fielder rumor-fest, entire Rangers mgmt team in Dominican for next week.  Hence: No Prince news coming.”
  • John Heyman tweeted: “multiple teams still in on Prince but appears field has been narrowed to something close to final 4″
  • According to Tom Verducci, “There have been 19 contracts signed by free agents worth $100 million or more. Only two of them were signed as late as January: by Matt Holliday (Jan. 6, 2010) and by the current record holder of the longest wait, Carlos Beltran (Jan. 9, 2005). Holliday, Beltran and Fielder have at least one thing in common: all have been represented by Scott Boras in such protracted negotiations.”
    This comes from a great article Verducci wrote for CNNSI highlighting what the Nationals and Rangers have to offer Prince beyond the money.
  • In an interview with ESPN Radio’s local affiliate, Nolan Ryan had this to say about what it would take to sign Prince, ”Hard to say, because they’ve never made a firm proposal to us. They talk in generalities and numbers and other people’s contracts, and so you can speculate what it is. One time they’re talking eight years, one time they’re talking ten years, one time they’re talking about a contract bigger than Ryan Howard’s in Philadelphia.”
  • Co-owner Bob Simpson spoke with the Star-Telegram about the potential of signing Fielder and his preference of Hamilton to Prince, saying ”If they come around to something we can do, we’ll take a look at it.  My personal preference, at this moment, would be to re-sign him (Josh Hamilton) instead of having Fielder. But we could all debate that,” Simpson said. “The organization has its feelings. Everybody dreams about having both. Sometimes you can’t have both at some level. If they came around to something we’d do, we’d look at him. But we don’t think it’s likely.”
  • T.R. Sullivan has posted an excellent article giving some background behind the Yu Darvish signing.  Sullivan writes “The signing of Darvish is the Rangers’ biggest triumph in a six-year quest to establish a major presence in the Far East. The process really began just after Daniels was named Texas’ general manager a few days after the end of the 2005 season, and then the following spring during the the inaugural World Baseball Classic that was won by Japan.”
  • According to Richard Durrett, Josh Hamilton feels that Yu will successfully transition to MLB and living in America, saying  ”I don’t think the culture shock will be as big as people think, either.  As a competitor, as an athlete, the on-the-field stuff will be easier for him to handle. The off-the-field things will be hard, but he’ll have people to help him adjust.”
  • With all of the spotlight on Yu Darvish lately, I’ll be wrapping up and posting an article last this week around the other new guy to the Rangers’ rotation.
  • Quick non-baseball side note – The fools that are making death threats to Kyle Williams need to get a life.  It’s just a game folks, and you can point to plenty of other mistakes in that game which could have prevented overtime to begin with.
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