Jan 132012
  • Friday Morning KnuckleballsJosh Hamilton shared the extent of his injuries that were evident during the post-season, which required off-season surgery.  He had three detached adductors and a torn abdominal muscle.  While Hamilton acknowledged that he was in a great deal of pain during the post-season, he is now fully recovered after surgery and participating in full workouts in preparation for the 2012 season.  More from Josh on the injuries as well as his father-in-law, Michael Chadwick,  joining the Rangers staff in this article by Richard Durrett.
    It was no secret that Hamilton was suffering during the post-season in 2011, but it’s encouraging to hear that he’s healthy now.  It’s been relatively quiet on the contract-extension front for Hamilton, but I think Josh is a guy that wants to be in Texas, so possibly understands that waiting for the dust to settle around Darvish and any other free-agent deals (Prince??) should be the primary focus for the team.
  • Nolan Ryan expects Yu Darvish and the Rangers to reach an agreement.  So c’mon, if Nolan feels good about it, you should too!  Is Nolan your Homeboy?  Durrett’s article provides a little more detail, and my quote of the day from Michael Young – “Very good players are always welcome here.”  Sounds like a man beaten down by questions about Yu…
  • Gerry Fraley reported that the Rangers have inquired about Roy Oswalt.  I would have to believe that Oswalt would be a short-term option for the Rangers if a deal isn’t reached with Darvish.  I can’t imagine them signing both as the starting rotation will have plenty of strong competition for the 5 spots with Darvish included.
  • Michael Young received the Rangers’ Player of the Year award last night at the Rangers Awards Show. If you think about all that Young has gone through over the last few years, what he means to this team/organization, and his performance, I think it was a no-brainer – and that’s taking into account how many great players were on this team last year.  Young received the award in ’04, ’05, ’07 & ’09 as well.
    Jeff Wilson provides some more detail here, and notes that C.J. Wilson didn’t make it to the show even though he won Rangers’ Pitcher of the Year…go figure.
  • Fan Fest starts tonight and we’ll be there.  We’ll have updates from Fan Fest here on the site, as well as on Twitter (@baseballdo)  and Facebook.  Should be a good time as Jasen has guaranteed that he will astonish us all with his speed on the timed “3rd Base to Home Dash”!
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