Aug 142012

Hi, I Have Someone I’d Like You to MeetGreetings from a minor league perch in a major league town, I’d like for you to meet Miguel De Los Santos. Miguel is a 24-year-old left-handed relief pitcher currently in Frisco. He’s on the 40-man roster and has two options remaining. He has, at times, pitched as a starter, but given his repertoire, he profiles much better as a reliever and following a stint on the DL earlier this season, this has been his role. Miguel is not perfect, but he has a pitch that nearly is. His changeup may be the single best secondary offering in the entire system. It has a laughable rotation, and an almost screwball-like finish. Scouts routinely put 7s and 7.5s on it. (20-80 scouting scale) Unfortunately, a changeup is generally only effective if it is set up by a good fastball. Miggy has struggled not only to command his fastball, but also to maintain the proper velocity so the changeup is a true, well, change up. However, the primary reason I’m introducing you to Miggy is the progress he has made with his fastball in the last month. Regularly sitting 92-93, touching higher, it has become an effective weapon and something hitters have to prepare for while constantly thinking that the pitch hurtling toward them may actually be the Bugs Bunny changeup. The other weapon in his repertoire that has gotten better is his curveball. Frankly, it’s spinning tighter with a later break, often directly out of the zone. He’ll always have command issues and when it goes, it goes. Given the velocity and lack of movement of his FB, if he leaves it up, it usually goes very far in the opposite direction, but the same can be said of nearly all big league FBs left up in the zone. Lately, his pitchability has been very good. His added velocity has him starting hitters off with the FB, rather than pitching backwards as had often been the case in the past. It’s all about being ahead in the count and forcing hitters to wonder if, or more likely, when, the Bugs ball is coming.

 Another reason for Miguel’s introduction is the simple fact that he’s left handed. And on the 40 man roster. And left handed. If Ross is tiring, or injured, or if the simple need/desire arises to add a second lefty to the pen, Miguel will be in the discussion. There really aren’t many, if any, other leftys in Round Rock or Frisco with the stuff capable of getting big league hitters out. Again, he’s not perfect, but if his command is decent, his pitches can induce swings and misses at all levels.  Did I mention he’s left-handed?

Thanks for reading, and keep enjoying baseball!  Love Ya!

Your Friend,


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