Mar 052012

Monday Morning Fastballs1. The Rangers took part in the first Cactus League game of the year yesterday. Here are some highlights/lowlights of the 6-1 Rangers loss.

  • Colby Lewis started the game and gave up a two run homer to Billy Butler on an 0-2 count. Ron Washington had some hard-hitting analysis after the game “He got his work in.”
  • Sticking with the pitchers, Scott Feldman looked like he did at the end of last year pitching the third and fourth innings. Five of his six outs came via the ground ball and one of those erased an error on a double play. Watch out for Scott Feldman this spring as he tries to force the Rangers to make tough decisions regarding his place on the team.
  • The lowlights of the pitching yesterday was young pitcher Michael Kirkman who gave up three earned runs on five hits in two innings of work.  Kirkman’s ceiling this year appears to be left-handed specialist and he will have to show more than that to have a shot of doing that for the big club in 2012.
  • The Rangers were a little sloppy on defense led by two errors by Ian Kinsler in the first five innings. Nothing out of the ordinary for this early in spring training.
  • My favorite thing to come out of this game was the 2-0 pitch that Mitch Moreland hammered into right field. Hopefully the reason for his decline last year was the wrist injury and now that he’s healthy we can expect a big year from Mitch. Gotta love knee-jerking spring training box scores!

2. The Rangers will take on the Royals again today where we will get a chance to see the Dutch Oven, Alexi Ogando and Tanner Scheppers pitch against the Royals lineup packed with future Hall of Famers like Jeff Francoeur and Salvador Perez.

3. Ron Washington said yesterday that the Rangers have no intention of hiding Yu Darvish from the AL West during Spring Training. “When his turn falls, he’ll pitch,” Washington said. “We’re not trying to hide him.”  I love this mentality and I think it adds even more to the growing Yu Darvish lore. Can’t wait to see him pitch on Wednesday.


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