Apr 102013

My drive into work today started the way it normally does. The blurry-eyed walk to the car only to realize I should have worn a coat but too lazy to walk back into the house to grab one. The radio always tuned to The Ticket from the drive home the afternoon before. I chuckle listening to Gordo’s Corner and the impeccable timing of Jeremy on the board. Today though, I found myself getting worked up over the segment right after Muse in the News. Jub and Junes were discussing an article Rob Neyer recently wrote naming every current major league franchise’s Mister.

Some of these are no-brainer choices. Mr. Cub Ernie Banks, Mr. Tiger is Ty Cobb, Mr. Brave Hank Aaron and Mr. Ranger is Jim Sundberg?

The fact that this bothered me was more than a little confusing. I love Sunny, he’s one of my all-time favorite Rangers. He was a fan favorite, albeit a little before my time, and at the time the best catcher the Rangers had ever employed. I just think the choice was short sighted. Here are 2 choices I think would have been more prudent.

Pudge – The fact that I can refer to him by one name should say a lot. Pudge is arguably the most dominant player at any position the Rangers have ever had. Hell, he might be the best catcher in baseball history, although its a little more debatable. In his 12+ years with Texas he was Rookie of the Year, a 10 time gold glove winner, a 10 time all star, a 6 time silver slugger, and the AL MVP in 1999. Not to mention probably the best defensive catcher of his era.

Michael Young – Say what you want about PADMY but in 12 full seasons with Texas he was often the lone bright spot of some pretty bad teams. I don’t want that to sound like a reduction because in those 12 years he had 2230 hits and that’s nothing to laugh about. He was a seven time all star who was widely considered the “Face” of the franchise. He represented himself, the organization, and baseball with dignity and respect. Had he retired after 2011 I think this would have been a much easier sell. Had they won a World Series in 2011, I might have put him in front of Pudge.

Just one cold and tired guy’s opinion. I’d love to hear your Mr. Ranger choices. Argue in the comments section.

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  1. I think the only choice is Pudge. He is arguably the best catcher of all-time. Although it may not be true, the only reason he left the team was due to Tom Hicks mismanagement. With respect to Michael Young and Jim Sundberg, neither of the two were as revered or dominant as Pudge.

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  2. Nick Tepesch.

    Too soon?

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  3. The one hang-up I would have with Pudge is his direct link to the PED Era. From that standpoint, PADMY has the presumed cleanliness going for him. This question may be best answered 5 years from now. Let Darvish and Andrus duke it out for the title.

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