Jun 152012

My thoughts on Scott Feldman11-3 loss notwithstanding, I should feel more enthusiastic. After all, the Texas Rangers secured their second-straight series win. Yet I’m still kind of bummed.

I guess you could say that my Rangers optimism has its limits, and those limits are named “Scott Feldman.”

Scooter seems to possess a “cooling effect,” and no one is safe…not the media—definitely not the fans—even his teammates seem cooly symptomatic when he’s on the hill. The effect Feldman exudes is reminiscent of William H. Macy’s character in The Cooler.

Macy’s character is so downtrodden that his persona actually oozes unluckiness through osmosis. No matter how hot the gambler’s hand, Macy’s mere presence puts on the chill and the winning comes to an abrupt halt.

Feldman’s so cold, you can call him “Mr. Freeze.” The winning streak? Frozen. Offensive productivity? Chilled. Enthusiasm? Frosted.
My thoughts on Scott Feldman
Even when pitching with a lead in the second inning, the crowd seemed anxious. And rightly so, no lead is safe when the cooler’s in command.

Up 1-0? That lead didn’t stand a chance. Not the way Scooter’s been going since his move into the rotation. We all knew what was coming after Feldman surrendered his first hit of the game to Lyle Overbay. Yeah. Lyle freaking Overbay.

Boom. Jason Kubel’s one out home run gives the Diamondbacks the lead 2-1. The chill was now in full effect.

For comparison’s sake, look at Matt Harrison’s dominate no-decision from the day before yesterday.

When Harrison was nursing that 1-0 lead, I never for one moment thought that the Rangers weren’t going to win that game. I felt the exact opposite with Feldman in the driver’s seat last night.

It’s not like Feldman was abhorrent last night; he went five plus-innings, struck out six and didn’t walk anybody. He wasn’t horrible, he wasn’t great, he was just “okay.”

And to me, that’s Scott Feldman in a nutshell.

He’s good, but he’s just not good enough. Why not roll out a Martin Perez or a Neil Ramirez to fill-in for Feldman?

I realize that they’re not doing that great in Triple-A, but Feldman is basically a guaranteed loss…so why not give them a shot?

Besides, Feldman’s better suited for the bullpen. They need him too. Scheppers is getting schlepped, and Koji’s on the disabled list.

Here’s hoping Justin Grimm is lights out against the Houston Astros this Saturday and can possibly replace Feldman’s spot in the rotation until Roy Oswalt is ready.

Since a ninety-degree June night can’t even heat up Feldman, maybe it’s time to put the Rangers’ cooler back where he belongs—chilling in the ‘pen.

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