Jun 032012

Nelson Cruz and Texas Rangers Stop Skid, Dispatch Angels 7 3Better late than never.

If you’re going to win one game of a three game series, make it be the final one. That way no matter what, the next time we play the Halos, they won’t have to be reminded of who their Daddy is.

Hint: It’s us.

Some numbers of note from the Angels and Rangers series:


• Men left on base by Josh Hamilton and Adrian Betre during the Rangers’ series-ending 7-3 win.


• Number of games the Rangers had lost in a row.


• Number of days since the Rangers had a losing streak of that length.


• Run differential between the Rangers and Angels. The Rangers held the advantage, 11-10.


• Number of scoreless innings pitched by the Texas bullpen.


• Starters ERA for the Texas Rangers during the series.


Rangers’ batting average with RISP during their two losses.


• Team batting average with RISP during their 7-3 victory.


• Mike Trout’s batting average during the three game series against Texas.


• Estimated distance in feet of Nelson Cruz’s gargantuan game 3 dinger.


• Captain Poo’s batting average during the series.

Up Next:

The Texas Rangers continue their trek through Cali and the AL West as they travel to Oakland to take on the Athletics tomorrow night at 9:05 (CST).

Make sure to check back for the Official BaseballDo Game Day Preview tomorrow afternoon!

Go Rangers!

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