Dec 222012

No Hamilton? No Problem.What, no crying kid videos because Josh Hamilton bolted for Anaheim?

Oh no, we Ranger fans have to be better than that right? Instead of posting videos of our kids crying, we are going to post pictures of us burning everything Josh Hamilton related. As if burning a $100 jersey wasn’t enough, let’s just take a picture of us urinating on the jersey in the toilet, which will show Hamilton what kind of fandom he’s missing out on right?!

I get it; you’re upset that the Rangers most productive offensive player and fan favorite bolted for the arch rival Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Is burning $100 really worth it? Does it make you feel better? Yes, essentially your #32 jersey is now worthless and pointless to own but c’mon people it’s not nearly as bad as you think and I can prove it.

There is no denying that Josh Hamilton put up some incredible numbers during his five years here in Texas but he is now on the wrong side of 30 and no one really knows how old is body is with his past abuse history. Is paying him $25 million a year a good idea? Let’s take a look:

Player A: .272/.364/.473/.837 24 HR, 93 RBI, 148 GP, 3.5 WAR $10.25M
Player B: .285/.354/.577/.930 43 HR 128 RBI, 148 GP, 3.4 WAR $13.75M
Player C: .304/.380/.479/.859 15 HR, 61 RBI, 147 GP, 3.2 WAR $3.625M

Any Ranger fan knows that Player B is clearly Josh Hamilton but who is Player A and Player C? We will hold off for a second on that because I want to make a point. These are last year’s salaries and we all know Josh Hamilton makes $25M a year now, which is what the Rangers would have had to pay him this year to keep him so we will assume that to be his salary. Player A will probably get somewhere between $10M and $13M is my guess and player C will stay the same. What I’m getting at is that for roughly HALF the cost of Josh Hamilton you can have two players that are equal to, if not better than the production of Hamilton. Player C is David Murphy who we all assume will be the Rangers everyday left fielder for 2013 and Player A is Nick Swisher. Hate the man all you want, bottom line is the guy is not that bad with the stick.

Think about all the money that’s being saved from letting Hamilton walk. With that money you can easily sign Elvis Andrus to a long term deal (It’s being reported by Ben Rogers that Elvis has told agent Scott Boras to start negotiating a long term contract extension with Texas.) and you allow yourself flexibility in the free agent market this year and next! Why overpay for an aging outfielder who seems to have lost his passion for the game?

If you’re a football fan you remember all the talk last season of the “Dream Team” in Philadelphia and how miserably that failed. Anyone remember the 2003-2004 “Dream Team” Lakers when they had Karl Malone, Gary Payton, Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal? They were manhandled in the finals by the Detroit Pistons. A collection of the best all around players in the league doesn’t always accumulate into championships. Team chemistry, players knowing their role and passion for the game is what brings you championships. And for the final two months of 2012, it was clear that Josh Hamilton didn’t have the passion it took to win. That was assured to us on a sunny afternoon in Oakland when Hamilton dropped a routine fly ball in centerfield.

There is a reason that the Rangers have one of the best farm systems and front offices in the game today. Jon Daniels knows what he’s doing, Nolan Ryan knows what he’s doing and the Rangers know what they are doing.

Besides, there’s this kid name Jurickson Profar, you may have heard of him? Yea, give him two years and you’ll be saying Hamilton who?


Billy Casey

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