Jan 142012
  • Rangers Fan Fest Weekend UpdateJasen and I both made it out to Fan Fest last night and had a great time.  The featured Rangers last night were Ron Washington, Michael Young, Mike Napoli, Derek Holland and Colby Lewis.
  • Nice crowd made it out to the Arlington Convention Center for a Friday night (I’m sure the crowd today is double if not more), and the event ran really smoothly with autographs, photo stages, fun activities for adults and youth, as well as some good vendors.
  • Highlight of my evening came when I was presented with the opportunity to ask Ron Washington a question during his Q&A.  We’ll get the video of that posted up on the site as soon as possible – let’s just say I got Ron up out of his seat!
  • Bob Nightengale of USA Today broke the news yesterday that Prince Fielder was in town meeting with the Rangers at a DFW hotel.  Could be just checking in…could be simply leverage in negotiations with Yu…could be the Rangers letting the big fella know that they are interested and working towards making something happen.  Follow us on Twitter (@baseballdo) and we’ll keep you updated with what we hear.
  • The Yankees made a little splash yesterday by improving their starting rotation.  They dealt hitting phenom Jesus Montero to Seattle for SP Michael Pineda and signed free-agent Hiroki Kuroda.  This is a major improvement to their rotation, which was relatively weak after Sabathia.  While giving up a great bat in Montero, they filled their biggest void.
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