Jun 282012

Rangers win wild one over Detroit 13 9, take sixth straight series

There’s a dude that needs some snuff.

The fireworks arrived a week early in Arlington…and blew up right in the Tigers’ faces. David Murphy did his best M-80 impersonation, going 4-for-5 with 5 RBI.

22 runs were scored. 33 base hits were recorded, producing 20 RBI. 338 total pitches were tossed, some better than others. In the end the only number that really mattered was six, as in the sixth-straight series the Rangers have secured after taking two-of-three from Detroit.

It’s refreshing to know that when the Texas Rangers lock horns in a softball-style slugfest, they’ve got enough juice to squeeze out a win.

Oswalt was good to great through his first 4 2/3 innings, and then the Tigers started to square him up…but hey, he battled and had plenty of offensive support to get him his second win as many tries.

Some thoughts from last night’s 13-9 win:

The World would flip right off of its axis if…

• Miguel Cabrera was a second baseman. With he and Fielder on the right-side of the infield, Earth would be bumping uglies with Mars in a matter of minutes.
• 515—the tubby twosome’s combined weight as listed in baseball-reference.com. Yeah, right…listing Jose Altuve at six-feet tall would be less of an embellishment.

Will someone please get Josh Hamilton some lip candy stat?!

• Nicotine is a powerful drug, Josh. Withdrawal negatively affects everybody. You get nervous, irritable and lose concentration.

I’ve been there. I went through all of the side effects. But you know something? When I got nervous or irritable, I also wasn’t swinging a three-pound wooden ham hock 100 MPH in front of hundreds of smiling, unprotected faces, either.

Dude, put a fatty in your lip, stat. You’re hitting .171 with 17 Ks and 3 BBs in your last 10 games. And you’ve also thrown 15 bats into the stands.

Look, we’re not asking you to keep dipping forever! But please, dude, say nope to the cope in the off-season for crying out loud.

And for the love of all things holy, get some better pine tar!

David Murphy gives Doug the Fister

• Once again, Murphy gave Doug a brutal Fistering. 4-for-5, 2 jimmy jacks, a couple of singles, 5 RBI. Take away his production and the Rangers might have just lost this one 9-8.
• Murphy now has 9 RBI and 4 HRs against Fister during his career.

Roy Oswalt, very hittable veteran presence

• For Roy Oswalt, this is still pretty much spring training. And bottom line, he’s 2-0.
But lurking just below bottom line, in the really fine print, are the 22 hits Oswalt’s surrendered over his 12 innings of work…22!.

If Yu Darvish surrendered hits at that rate, his ERA would be a sideways eight. Oswalt is a quick worker, and a strike thrower. He knows what he’s doing, but maybe, just maybe, he should work a little less around the plate.

But hey, he’s 2-0…

Yo, Adrian! What did that ball do to you?

• Beltre is straight up killing it—3-for-5 with two runs scored and an RBI last night. Over his last 10 games, he’s batting .500 with 3 HRs and 8 RBI…and if Hamilton can just get hot again, Beltre’s good wood might reach nuclear level…

It’s good to be home

• The Rangers are now 18 games above .500, and are 24-14 at home. And we are now just two days removed from the Baseball Do Field Trip! Have you purchased your ticket yet? Don’t make Scott, Jasen and I eat all of the burgers and drink all of the beer… Because we will.

Leonys Martin, designated driver?

• Leonys Martin is making the most of his opportunity in the bigs. In his six games since being called up from Round Rock, Martin is batting .316 with 5 RBI. He had another big night last night as he drove in 2.
• Leonys has a sobering effect on all parties involved—why? Easy—just mix in some Martin, and you suddenly forget all about the Borbon. Ain’t that right, Julio?

Up Next:

The Oakland A’s roll into town for a four-game set…It’ll be: Scott Feldman (1-6, 6.00 ERA) vs. Tyson Ross (2-7, 6.02 ERA) tomorrow night at 7:05 (CT).

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