Feb 032012

Stream of Consciousness: Josh Hamilton Relapse

The following is the pure stream of thought from a Rangers fan upon first hearing the unfortunate news of Josh Hamilton’s recent relapse.

I’ve been consumed with family-time all night.  That was nice, but need to catch up on Twitter and…

Jasen tried to call.  I wonder what’s going on?

Damn, look at all the tweets…Ranger talk in full gear I guess…Where to begin?

Josh Hamilton…(sinking feeling).

This can’t be true.  Twitter rumors running wild again.  There is no way that Josh relapsed!

Details.  I need details.  (scrolling through Twitter timeline too fast to focus).

Check the sports sites, they would have something if this is true…

ESPN.com, nothing.  Yahoo Sports,  nothing.  CNNSI, nothing.

What the hell!  This can’t be true.  Someone on Twitter has gone too far this time!

Let’s check the local news outlets…

DallasNews.com…oh crap!

How could this happen?  How could Josh do this to the Rangers?  How could Josh do this to the fans?

I’ll read this quickly and jump back to tweets…

Just alcohol…how bad could it be?…I mean, come on, it’s just alcohol.  I’m drinking a beer right now!

The media is blowing this out of proportion… and Twitter’s running with it which is dangerous…people who really know nothing speculating out loud.

What should I tweet?  I need to get something up on the site quickly…wait, is this the right thing to do?

Dammit Josh!  Dammit!  Get some control over yourself!

This sucks!  Damn Josh…how?…why?…I wish it was easier…I wish he didn’t have to deal with temptation…I wish he didn’t have this problem…problem?

Wait, the path he has gone down led him to where he is today.  So inspiring…so much bigger than…this game.

So much bigger than the Rangers.

So much bigger than the fans.

God…poor Josh.  Poor Josh…

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