Feb 022012

Say it aint so Josh...We are by no means a “breaking news” outlet, but I know many of your are visiting the site looking for something.

  • Gerry Fraley, with the Dallas Morning News, broke the news that  Josh Hamilton, recovering from alcohol and drug addictions, had a relapse this week in his quest to remain sober.
  • Check out the article here.  Keep in mind that details are sparse right now.
  • Jasen and I both have some strong opinions on this and we’ll be discussing on  special podcast tomorrow, and will touch on it to some degree in tomorrow morning’s updates.  Hopefully by then some more details will come to light.
  • Very sad and unfortunate if true.


  • UPDATE: Twitter is running wild with this, and rumors are circulating that Ian Kinsler was with Josh Hamilton during his relapse.
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