Jan 102012
  • Tuesday Morning SlidersContract talks with the Dutch Oven are on hold for now according to an article posted by T.R. Sullivan on TexasRangers.com.  Holland and the Rangers were discussing a 5-year deal.  Holland is one of many current Rangers that the club has been in contract (or contract extension) talks with as JD & Co. work towards keeping the nucleus of this team together.
  • The Great Eric Nadel has been named the 2011 Texas Sportscaster of the Year.  Here is a little Nadel Gold for you on this find Tuesday morning
  • Fan Fest is this weekend.  Are you going to be there?  Jasen and I are going (more than likely on Friday night), so comment below if you are going to make it and we’ll meet up for an awkward hug.
  • Barry Larkin is the sole inductee into the Baseball Hall of Fame for 2012 yesterday with 86.4% of the vote.  Hat’s off to a great baseball player and a classy dude.
  • Rafael Palmeiro got 12.6% of the vote. Clemens and Bonds will be on the ballot starting next year, so they will be the strongest litmus test to date for the players tied to the steroids scandal and will go a long way in determining if Raffy will ever stand a chance to get inducted.  Tim Kirkjian wrote a good article about the 2013 Hall of Fame eligibles.
  • Juan Gonzalez and Ruben Sierra will both fall off of the ballot after receiving under 5% of the vote.
  • Episode 6 of Baseball Do will be posted later this morning!
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Jan 092012
Monday Morning Fastballs
  • Peter Gammons wrote yesterday about the  Rangers as a team of interest in the Prince Fielder sweepstakes.  I’d love nothing more, but trust in JD and the front office to not put us in a compromising situation that hinders us from competing down the road.
  • Rangers linked to having interest in Brad Hawpe.  32 year-old left-handed hitting Fort Worth native has bounced around the last couple of years.  Assuming he would be primarily of interest as insurance against injury in the OF or to Mitch Moreland, as he can play both OF and 1B.
  • Numerous rumors arose over the weekend of the Rangers interest in RP Ryan Madson to fortify an already strong bullpen.  I’m a big Madson fan, so I’d love to see this happen as he would bring another late-inning shut-down pitcher into the mix.
  • The 2012 Hall of Fame results will be released today – Jayson Stark believes that Barry Larkin is a lock and I agree 100%.  Jack Morris, Jeff Bagwell, Tim Raines & Lee Smith should also make a good showing, and might possibly get the call this year as well.
  • If you missed it, I wrote an article about our current Rangers, and the possibility of some of them to receive the call from Cooperstown someday.  Click here to give it a read.
  • TEBOW!
  • Jorge Posada retiring – not going to rehash his entire career, but I think he’s in the same boat as Bernie Williams as far as Hall of Fame chances, if not even a little less likely.  He’s got the Yankee thing (aka “Rings”)  going for him and the fact that he was a catcher helps take a little focus off of his offensive statistics (catchers seem to get more leeway from Hall of Fame voters in regards to stats and career totals).
  • Angels agree to 4 year extension with Howie Kendrick.  Good player, but not worthy of the Best AL 2B Death Match that Jasen broke down a couple of weeks ago.
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