Feb 022012
  • Thursday Morning ChangeupsGerry Fraley (SportsDay DFW) reports that Ian Kinsler and Josh Hamilton will both be switching to Louisville Sluggers for the 2012 season.
    “This is not a minor item. Most players are picky about their bats. A change in bats represents a major step that can be caused by reasons ranging from a desire to get better wood to a company’s willingness to meet special specifications. Kinsler had been plagued by a rash of broken bats from his previous supplier.  Hamilton has worked with Louisville Slugger in search of an ideal bat for several years. As part of an exclusive deal with Hamilton, the market the H359 in his honor. Hamilton won the American League batting title in 2010 at .359.”
  • Jim Bowden (ESPN) recently wrote an article proposing trades for 5 contenders.  Here is his proposal for the Rangers:
    “Trade LHP Martin Perez to the Minnesota Twins for CF Denard Span
    The Twins are desperate to rebuild their rotation, and Perez should develop into a front-line starter. The Twins could then move Ben Revere to center field and put free-agent signee Josh Willingham in left.
    From the Rangers’ perspective, this would allow them to move Josh Hamilton to left field and improve their defense in center. Span also would give them a legitimate leadoff hitter and a better chance to win the World Series now than if they waited for Leonys Martin to develop.
    As an added bonus, Span is signed at a reasonable cost through 2015, which makes him far more valuable to a contender than he is to the Twins, a club that is in a bit of a rebuilding period. The Rangers are deep in rotation candidates, so Perez is expendable.”
    While many Rangers aren’t in favor of moving Perez, I’d be willing to move the left-handed pitching prospect for the right player, and I don’t think Span is that player.  My major hesitation with Span is the head injury (concussion) that he experienced last season – it’s not something to be taken lightly (see Span’s teammate Justin Morneau.
  • Thursday Morning ChangeupsChuck Morgan, Rangers Senior Vice President of Ballpark Entertainment, represented the Rangers last night on Baseball I.Q. on the MLB Network.  He faced off against some dude from the Angel’s organization.  Unfortunately, the Angels won the first showdown of 2012, but they won’t win the last.  Great show!
  • Nothing new on the Roy Oswalt front.  Looks like Roy is in no hurry to sign with any of the teams that have already made him an offer.  Could last week’s meeting really have been Nolan and JD asking Roy for some time to see what they could get in return for Matt Harrison (or one of the other starters)?  Time will tell….
  • Gordon Edes (ESPN) posted “A Red Sox source confirmed Wednesday that the team had not abandoned hopes of signing Oswalt, indicating that the 34-year-old right-hander may have a better chance at a regular turn starting with the Sox than with the other two clubs, both of whom appear to have filled their rotations. The Cardinals and Rangers, however, have the advantage of being closer to Oswalt’s Mississippi home, the Red Sox source said. Oswalt’s agent, Bob Garber, had been quoted Saturday as saying that Oswalt would not take a bullpen job.”
  • My prediction – Oswalt signs with the Charros tomorrow.
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