Sep 112012

How often do you listen to the Rangers on the radio?

More than likely, not often enough.  With a TV in most living rooms, bedrooms, some kitchens and bathrooms and even some backyards – along with the increasing popularity of MLB.TV where you can watch a game live on your phone or tablet – radio has fallen from the secondary source for a game even further down the list.

Rangers Fans: Vote for Eric Nadel for 2013 Frick Award

So, for those of you who rarely or never catch a Rangers broadcast on the radio, I invite you to partake in a fun experiment.  Next time you sit down to watch the game, mute your TV and tune in to the Rangers broadcast on radio (ESPN, 103.3FM) and enjoy Eric Nadel.  You’ll thank me later.  Just be sure you don’t tune in too early and inadvertently catch any Randy Galloway…might sour the experience.

Some of you may already employ this method of enjoying a Rangers game.  For some of you, radio may be the only option.  For many, you know how great Eric Nadel is, but TV still makes up 90% or more of your Rangers broadcast experience.

For sentimental reasons, I try to listen to games on the radio as often as possible.  I’m not going to tell you that I tune in to the radio “mute for Nadel” every game or even half the time, but listening to a game on the radio can sometimes be more relaxing and when possible, I let Eric Nadel paint the picture for me.

Nadel, who is in his 34th season of Rangers broadcasting and was inducted into the Rangers Hall of Fame in August, and is one of 41 nominees for the 2013 Ford Frick Award.

Rangers television broadcasters Tom Grieve and Steve Busby also made the list of 41 nominees.

Per Barry Bloom (, “The field for the prestigious award sponsored by the National Baseball Hall of Fame will be narrowed to 10 finalists — three from the pool of 41 names and another seven selected by a Hall of Fame committee.”

Call to Action for Rangers Fans

[important]Fans can go vote at[/important]

Rangers Fans: Vote for Eric Nadel for 2013 Frick AwardThe award, given annually since 1978 to a broadcaster with a long career of excellent service announcing Major League Baseball, was won this year by FOX broadcaster and former big league catcher Tim McCarver.

The winner will be honored at the Hall of Fame’s awards presentation on July 27, 2013 at Doubleday Field in Cooperstown, N.Y. The induction ceremony for any new electees to the Hall is slated for July 28 in a field adjacent to the Clark Sports Center.

Let’s make this happen.  Eric really is one of the best in the business and deserves to make it to the Final 10.

Some Nadel Gold to brighten your Tuesday

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Jan 272012
  • Friday Morning KnuckleballsSorry for skipping the update yesterday and the late update today – sometimes life gets in the way of baseball.
  • The Rangers intend to take full advantage of the anticipated heavy media coverage around Yu Darvish while in Surprise for Spring Training. According to Richard Durrett (, “With close to 100 Japanese media members expected to attend, including at least six major network television stations from Japan filming Darvish’s every move at spring training, the Texas Rangers are likely to sell advertising space. It’s just one of the ways the club can cash in off the field from Darvish’s celebrity on it.” First step to one day becoming Nolan Ryan’s Texas Beefers.
  • Great article by T.R. Sullivan on Eric Nadel and his contributions to the Dallas community.  Growing up, most of my friends wanted to be George Brett, Mike Schmidt or Ricky Henderson.  I wanted to be Marty Brenneman (Reds radio broadcaster) or Milo Hamilton (Astros radio broadcaster).
  • Jon Daniels joined the “The Ben and Skin show” on 103.3 FM this morning and had this to say about Roy Oswalt, ”But when you look at Roy and his track record with some guys in the organization having played with and for them in Houston, it’s intriguing.  It doesn’t fit perfectly for us and you can look at each one in the rotation and you can go through each one and why they deserve and should be and we want them to be in the rotation.” If you missed Jasen’s article regarding the potential of Roy Oswalt joining the Rangers, check it out here.
  • JD also spoke about resuming talks with Josh Hamilton, saying ”We’d like to keep Josh here for an extended period of time.  It’s got to be a deal that works for both sides. He’s got a unique set of circumstances because of how his career has played out and he’ll reach free agency at a different age than Prince or even Elvis. Josh will look at this, rightfully so, as the one time he hits free agentcy and how does he factor that in with his family and the different opportunities he has. We’re talking to them about this. We love Josh, love what he’s about and we want to keep him here and we’ll continue talking to him and hope we figure something out.”
  • Great stuff from JD above, but the absolute quote of the day was issued when he was talking about the inclusion of Prince Fielder in an already stacked Rangers line-up – “You plug him into our lineup, it has a chance to be silly.”
  • Jayson Stark ( did a great piece with the following premise,
    “We set out to change baseball. Our mission wasn’t to “fix” it or reinvent it. Our goal was merely to take a great sport and make it greater.”
    Stark and other writers put together a list of 5 proposed changes and then collected feedback from our very own Michael Young.  It’s a creative list, personally wouldn’t be on board with any of the changes. Michael’s feedback is insightful.  Check it out here.
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Jan 102012
  • Tuesday Morning SlidersContract talks with the Dutch Oven are on hold for now according to an article posted by T.R. Sullivan on  Holland and the Rangers were discussing a 5-year deal.  Holland is one of many current Rangers that the club has been in contract (or contract extension) talks with as JD & Co. work towards keeping the nucleus of this team together.
  • The Great Eric Nadel has been named the 2011 Texas Sportscaster of the Year.  Here is a little Nadel Gold for you on this find Tuesday morning
  • Fan Fest is this weekend.  Are you going to be there?  Jasen and I are going (more than likely on Friday night), so comment below if you are going to make it and we’ll meet up for an awkward hug.
  • Barry Larkin is the sole inductee into the Baseball Hall of Fame for 2012 yesterday with 86.4% of the vote.  Hat’s off to a great baseball player and a classy dude.
  • Rafael Palmeiro got 12.6% of the vote. Clemens and Bonds will be on the ballot starting next year, so they will be the strongest litmus test to date for the players tied to the steroids scandal and will go a long way in determining if Raffy will ever stand a chance to get inducted.  Tim Kirkjian wrote a good article about the 2013 Hall of Fame eligibles.
  • Juan Gonzalez and Ruben Sierra will both fall off of the ballot after receiving under 5% of the vote.
  • Episode 6 of Baseball Do will be posted later this morning!
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