Jan 242012
  • Tuesday Morning SlidersHow about starting the day off with something other than Yu or Prince…
    Cuban left-handed pitcher Gerardo Concepcion worked out in front of Nolan Ryan and other team representatives yesterday at the Rangers athletic complex in the Dominican Republic.  Rangers are expected to be one of four teams in on your 18 year-old Cuban (including Yankees, Cubs & White Sox).
    According to Jesse Sanchez (MLB.com), “Concepcion, who was named Rookie of the Year in the Cuban Serie Nacional in 2010-11, after posting a 10-3 record and a 3.36 ERA in 21 games with Industriales de la Habana, defected from Cuba last June during the World Port Tournament in the Netherlands. He later established residency in Mexico, and was declared a free agent last week.”
    Rangers continue to show their commitment to identifying and pursuing strong international prospects.
  • Josh Hamilton spoke with fans and media at the Rangers Winter Caravan at Academy Sports in Ft. Worth yesterday.  Josh addressed his health by simply saying “Everything feels good”.
  • When asked about his thoughts on the recent debate of Prince vs. Josh, Hamilton said ”I think it comes down to what you want. When I see these guys comparing us, I’m like, ‘Stick him in the outfield and see how long he lasts. Stick me at first base and see how long I last.’ You never can tell about a player. He’s played 160 games a lot. I haven’t. So there’s pros and cons [on] both sides. It’s pretty funny to watch these guys compare us and share their thoughts. It’s always been trusting in the Lord to have me where he wants to have me and not stress about it. I haven’t stressed about it and I’m not going to stress about it.”
  • Josh has stated that if a contract extension agreement is not reached prior to the start of Spring Training, talks will not resume until after the season, but put the Ranger faithful at ease saying ”We’ve already told the Rangers that if it doesn’t happen before the season that they are the first ones we’ll come to after the season is over.”
  • Yu Darvish has issued the very Ted Williams-esque statement ”I want to become the kind of pitcher that will make people say ‘Darvish is the No. 1 pitcher in the world.”  Love the aspiration!
  • Prince Fielder speculation continues.  It’s still believed by many that the Nationals are the favorites, and that the Rangers are indeed in Prince’s “Final Four”.  Could this be exactly where we want to be?
  • Bob Nightengale’s (USA Today) take on the Rangers pursuit of “the big fella” – “The reality is that key members of the Rangers’ front office had a strong idea for the last month they would sign their future ace. It was just a matter of how much it would cost.  The Texas-sized truth is that while the Rangers now have Darvish, they still want Fielder, too.  But they also know publicly divulging their intentions will drive up Fielder’s price tag and spoil their surprise attack.  Sure, it will take a bit of ingenuity, and maybe some opt-out clauses, to sign Fielder. They won’t give him the same 10-year, $240 million deal that Albert Pujols got from the Angels, but they still want to find a way to sign the big fella.”
  • Jorge Posada will announce his retirement today.
  • Tuesday Morning SlidersESPN.com reports that new Astros owner, Jim Crane, is considering a new name and new look for the Astros.  Nothing for certain yet, but the change would coincide with their move to the AL West in 2013.  Leave a comment with your suggestion for the Astros new name for a chance to win a free “Nolan is my Homeboy” T-Shirt


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