Feb 152012
  • If you have missed our American League West Position Rankings, check them out and let us hear from you.
Round 4 – Pitching (coming later this week)
  • Wednesday Morning CurveballsDerek Holland joined Ben & Skin (103.3FM, ESPN) on Monday for an entertaining chat.When asked if he felt like the Cardinals were destined to win the World Series last year – “We didn’t think that, because, to us, we felt like we were once again the underdogs. … It’s been like that for us the whole year. They picked the Red Sox to win the World Series and everybody else to be in front of us. The big thing is, I felt like we’ve been an underdog the whole time, and we’re probably going to do it again next year as well, and that doesn’t bother us. It’s like you said though, we were going up against some crazy odds, but we didn’t think like that though.”

    When asked if he felt like 2011 was a failure – “No, definitely not. First off, we weren’t supposed to be where we were. That’s the first thing. We did a lot with the injuries we went through. … We were proving people wrong, once again. I don’t even think we were picked to win the West. … If this season is a complete failure, that’s bad and I don’t know what’s going on with that. But, to me, I feel like we accomplished a lot. We didn’t get the World Series. That’s a big letdown. We did go back-to-back AL champs, so we obviously did something right.”

    When asked if he felt he could someday be an ace at the major league level – “If we went and closed everything off of this year, I’d say I’m maybe a two or a three. I’m not going to say I’m an ace, but I’m working to get there. … I still feel like there’s more that I need to do. I’m probably going to be the toughest critic on my own self. Some people might sit there and go, ‘You’re ace-ready.’ That’s you guys. I like to think different. I’m a hard worker. I want to make sure I do what I have to do to make sure I can be that ace.”

  • The Rangers packed up yesterday and sent the first truck on it’s way to Surprise, AZ for 2012 Spring Training…damn it feels good to type that!  Don’t believe me, watch for yourself.
  • Craig Gentry wants to start in center field and “make stuff happen on the base paths”.  Gentry spoke with reporters yesterday as the trailers were packed for the trip to Surprise.  Regarding the upcoming season, Gentry is excited about his chances, saying ”I’m excited this year because I feel like I have a really solid chance to be an everyday player.  In years past, I’ve been that guy that would scratch to maybe make the team. I’m excited about this year and ready to get it going.”
  • T.R. Sullivan (MLB.com) handles up on his inbox and discusses excess depth at catcher, Oswalt, Hamilton, Darvish and more.  Apparently, Baseball Do’s inbox hasn’t been getting as much action as Sullivan’s.  Got a question?  Hit us up and we’ll answer here on the site…
  • Baseball Tonight’s Karl Ravech and Tim Kurkjian examine how the Rangers are equipped to deal with the media circus that will surround Yu Darvish and Josh Hamilton this spring.  Check out the video here.
  • We are a baseball blog.  More specifically, we are a Texas Rangers blog.  But, c’mon…

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