Oct 252012
Barry Zito, yep Barry Zito, did it with his arm and his bat last night.
Thoughts on Game One of the 2012 World Series

Yeah, you don’t let this guy beat you. You just don’t.

And just like that, the first World Series game that has not included the Texas Rangers since 2009 has come and gone.

Plain and simple, it just feels weird to watch the Fall Classic without our favorite team in the mix. I’m not the only one that’s upset. Famed denizen of the Texas State Fair, “Big Tex” was so bereaved by the Rangers’ late-season collapse and subsequent postseason exit that he set himself on fire…presumably in protest.

Or something like that. Personally, I always thought of Big Tex as more of a football fan, but I guess the Dallas Cowboys haven’t really done too much to keep the flame from the flesh either, so to speak.

Here’re some notes/observations from last night’s San Francisco Giants thrashing of the seemingly hapless Detroit Tigers:

• My first thought after the conclusion of the San Francisco Giants’ 8-3 game one win was that: “Former Ranger Joaquin Arias is going to get a freaking World Series ring before any current Ranger.” This initial notion led me to consume beer number nine whilst moving on to my second thought on the matter which was: “$hit.”

• I realize that some of this was necessitated by days of rest and what not, but by using Barry Zito in game one—and unbelievably getting a win out of him—the G-men have effectively reversed their rotation. Zito last night, Madison Bumgarner tonight, Ryan Vogelsong for game three, and ace Matt Cain for game four…if you’re a Giants fan you’ve got to like this; especially if Bumgarner can put together a strong start.

• Last night was the first time this postseason that the Giants have won a game one. I don’t think the Tigers are the type of team to rally from being down 2-0 or 3-0 like San Francisco has done. In other words…

Doug Fister needs to pitch well tonight. He needs to find an answer to the 37-year-old riddle named “Marco Scutaro.” He’s got to keep Pablo Sandoval in the park and off of the base paths. Fister needs to avoid the big inning; he doesn’t need to dominate but he does need to keep the San Fran offense to a minimum.

• So, at what point last night did I realize that the Tigers were going to lose game one? The exact moment that Barry Zito went “oppo” for an RBI single.

• Last night’s big third-inning gained steam for San Fran with two outs when Angel Pagan—”Pagan Angel” for those with dyslexia or Tigers fans—hit a double right off of third base. Literally. His hit immediately brought back memories from last year’s ALCS when Miguel Cabrera ripped a shot off of third base in Detroit against the Rangers. I’d go on about karma but thinking of last year’s ALCS—since the Rangers were not only a part of it but the eventual victors—makes me sad.

• Well, at least the St. Louis Cardinals have been eliminated, huh?

I’d like to know your World Series predictions and thoughts. Before last night, I had the Tigers winning it all in six games. What do you think? Just use our comments section below to let us know how you see the 2012 Fall Classic playing out.

Thoughts on Game One of the 2012 World Series

And to think, had the Rangers made it past the Orioles, the Big Tex tragedy could have been avoided.


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Jun 142012

Matt Cain was Perfect; Matt Harrison was pretty good too as Rangers win 1 0

Matt Harrison—once again—was terrific.

Last night, the Texas Rangers beat the Arizona Diamondbacks 1-0 for their third-straight win and their fourth in the last five games.

The Rangers did it—once again—with great starting pitching. We won’t focus on the sputtering offense as that takes away from the eye-popping performances of Matt Harrison and Wade Miley…plus, last night—across the big leagues—it was all about pitching.

June 13th 2012 is going to go down as one great day for pitchers. Former Ranger R.A. Dickey threw a remarkable complete game, one-hitter for his 10th win—and he did it with an 80-plus MPH knuckleball. Amazing.

Matt Cain threw a no-hitter against the Houston Astros. Yeah I know technically it was the 22nd perfect game in Major League Baseball history… I’m down grading it to a no-hitter though. After all it was thrown against the Houston Astros.

I’m kidding.

The Houston Astros’ offense isn’t really that bad. They’re hitting .250 as a team, and that’s good for 18th in baseball. No it’s not great but there are 12 teams more offensively inept—like the Seattle Mariners—and we all know what even the Mariners are capable of when the stars are aligned.

So, in a nutshell…

Kudos to Matt Cain!
Emphatic smooching should be heaped upon his hindquarters.

Yes, even more than has already graced him where the good Lord split him—he deserves it.

But let’s not forget about Matt Harrison.

Awash in a wave terrible “Abel/Able” puns will be lefty Matt Harrison’s 7 1/3 from the very same night as that dude from San Fran’s successful stab at perfection.

On a side note, aren’t you glad we missed Matt Cain’s turn in the rotation last week?

Harrison’s line was far from perfect. He walked more than knuckleballer Dickey (2) and surrendered more hits (6) as well. Heck, he wasn’t even as awesome as the “other guy”—Arizona’s Wade Miley (7 2/3, 3 hits, 8 Ks, 1 ER).

But, against a team that had clobbered him the only other time he’d ever faced them, and on a night where Arizona’s Miley was near unhittable—Harrison kept his team in a position to win.

In a perfect bit of baseball irony the Texas Rangers’ Matt Harrison proved to the world that he’s a winner—even if all he earned was a no-decision.

Up Next:

The series finale between the Texas Rangers and Arizona Diamondbacks is scheduled for a 7:05 (CST) first pitch. RH Scott Feldman (0-5, 6.39 ERA) and RH Daniel Hudson (2-1, 6.06 ERA) get the starts on the hill, in the battle of the six-plus ERA.

Make sure to check back here tomorrow for the BaseballDo Game 3 Preview!

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