Mar 222012

Thursday Morning ChangeupsAfter the slowest day in Rangers news in months, welcome to your source for all things Rangers.

- Cool article in the Washington post today about how the Rangers aren’t defined by the Yu Darvish signing in their quest for the World Series title this year. I discussed on the podcast my concern for Joe Nathan but there is no denying that he is a great veteran to have helping develop your young pitchers.

“Obviously the team has been where we all want to be, and it’s pretty much the same group of guys here,” Nathan said. “I think they’re very hungry to get back where they were and be so close, so obviously they’re going to be extremely hungry to get back there. That puts me right where I need to be because I know I’m hungry to get a chance to be in that situation.”

- Jeff Wilson does a great article on his spring training assessment of the Rangers thus far. He breaks it down into several categories and one of them is Best Impressions.

RHP Yu Darvish: His new teammates have made him feel at ease while transitioning from Japan, and he’s doing his part to make them feel comfortable with him. Not only is Darvish trying to master English, he’s giving Spanish a shot, too. On the mound, he’s got the right stuff.
3B Mike Olt: It’s clear that Olt is a quality player, even though he has never played above High A. Just as impressive as his talent has been the way he has handled himself in his first big league camp. Olt watches each play of each game, and hasn’t been afraid to ask veterans for advice.
LHP Robbie Ross: He has been the best left-handed reliever in camp and is now getting a closer look. The Rangers are weighing whether sticking him in the bullpen is more important than continuing to let him develop in the minor leagues as a starting pitcher.

Robbie Ross has been on my radar for a while and I’m excited at the possibility that he could fill the void of a left-handed specialist in the bullpen.

The Rangers and Angels rivalry has clearly been heating up after the past couple of years and its clear that both teams view each other as dangerous. The Rangers decided to hold Yu Darvish out of his normal starting spot which would have been against the Angels and shortly after the Angels did the same with CJ Wilson. I see why the Rangers would want to keep the Angels from seeing Darvish in person but I’m not sure about the CJ thing. Pretty sure the Rangers are familiar with his douchiness pitching.

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