Apr 052012

Thursday Morning ChangeupsOne more sleep! One more sleep! One more sleep!

It is so close to that day that us Ranger fans have been waiting for, OPENING FREAKING DAY.

It’s also time for bold prediction number four. Get ready to be blown away people.

At the all-star break, Joe Nathan will be in the top five save leaders in Major League baseball.

WOAH, I know that this sounds crazy. Joe Nathan has had a very rough spring and is coming off a major arm surgery. Lets all put that aside for a moment and remember Joe Nathan.

Nathan is a four-time all-star with a career 2.87 ERA and 261 saves in 11 seasons in Major League baseball. In 729 career innings, Nathan has 761 strike outs. That’s not chop liver people.

A 11 year veteran and 37-year-old professional, Nathan has earned the right to use spring training to get back into his closer “zone”. I think with the overall talent on this team Nathan is going to have the opportunity for a lot of saves and I think he deliver like he has done his entire career. Debate me if you dare!

Quick Hits:

  • Yu Darvish started against Double-A Frisco yesterday and showed them why he isn’t in Double-A with them. He pitches 4 scoreless innings and only allowed two singles and two walks while striking out five. Pretty nice tune up for his first start Monday against the Mariners.
  • Pretty great breakdown article by Richard Durrett over on ESPN.  He breaks down the Rangers schedule month by month and makes win loss predictions as well as players to watch and key games.
  • Another great article by the Austin-American-Statesman about the Rangers rise to the top through an incredible farm system and terrific scouting.  They have a terrific quote about the challenges the Rangers face going forward;

That approach will help Texas deal with difficult free-agent decisions over the next two years while not falling off a cliff. Josh Hamilton, Ian Kinsler, Nelson Cruz, Mike Napoli and Colby Lewis, among others, all are eligible for free agency after the 2013 season. The payroll will be around $105 million this year, up from $92 million. Keeping all of those potential free agents would put it around $200 million. Some will have to go.

These are decisions we all know the Rangers are going to have to face. In the meantime let’s go get a championship.

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