May 032012

Thursday Morning Changeups


Ok, yes the Rangers lost their 2nd consecutive series to a what seems to be a pretty good Blue Jays team. This continues a strange streak of the Rangers not winning a series in Canada since 2008.  I’m not going to sit here and make excuses for the rough patch because it happened primarily due to bad starting pitching.

The Rangers did however play without arguably their two best offensive players in Josh Hamilton and Adrian Beltre. If you think that the Rangers are feeling sorry for themselves or are questioning this teams ability, think again. Mike Napoli:

“They flat out beat us today,” the Rangers’ Mike Napoli said. “We’ll just move on to the next. We’ll forget about it. Our team is good at that.”

“We’re not worried about it, We still have a good ballclub. We’ve already forgot about this. We’ll enjoy the off day and move on to the next one.”

Ron Washington felt like Matt Harrison didn’t have full control over all his pitches:

“He just wasn’t able to get his secondary stuff across, Just couldn’t get his changeup working, which is his bread and butter. He didn’t have his sinker going, which is his bread and butter…. Next time he gets the ball I expect him to be better.”

Although it sucks for us Ranger fans, the Rangers have a much-needed off day today before taking on the Indians in a weekend series. Should be a good time for Beltre to rest his ailing hamstring and Hamilton his back. With this team back at full strength things should start looking up.

Quick hits:

Josh Hamilton won the AL player of the Month for April and Yu Darvish won the AL Rookie of the Month. Pretty awesome.

It appears that the Friday May 11th matchup will be Yu Darvish vs CJ Wilson after all. Neat.

Fans can vote for the 40th anniversary all Texas Rangers team here. There are some seriously tough decisions to make…

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