May 242012

Thursday Morning Changeups

In my personal experience, doing anything 20 times in 20 days is a tough task.

The Rangers finished a 20 games in 20 days stretch by going 10-10 with a loss to the Mariners. Doesn’t sound great for a team that started the season winning 17 of 23 games.

There is no doubt the Rangers are going through a streak of bad baseball. Allow me to be that guy that gives you some “glass half full” information.

  • Other than the L.A. Dodgers, the Rangers have the largest lead in their division over the second place team which is 5 games over the Oakland A’s
  • Even as we watch this offense flounder, the Rangers own the largest run differential in all of baseball at +79. The closest team is the St. Louis Cardinals at +65.
  • The team that a large group of experts picked to win the AL West is sitting 7 games back with a fair amount of problems themselves.
  • The Rangers offense, even after a very rough streak, is 1st in Runs scored, Batting average, and Slugging PCT.
  • The Rangers bullpen has been DOMINANT.

What they were saying after yesterdays loss to the Mariners:


“Walking that many guys, I was kind of dodging bullets the whole day,” Feldman said. “Finally, they got me in the fifth. But it’s been like that the last couple times I’ve gotten the ball, just bad command. I’ve got to get back where I was at the end of camp — confident in all my pitches and throwing strikes.”

Wash on Feldman:

“He’s a sinker pitcher, and it was a situation where we just needed him to get the ball down,” manager Ron Washington said. “He ended up getting it up, and Liddi took advantage of it.”

“I don’t think you can put that on Scotty like that,” Washington said. “There are decisions to be made, and we’ll make those decisions.”

As I tweeted yesterday, I’m getting the feeling that the Roy Oswalt signing is near. The Rangers feel like with the potential loss of Feliz until after the all-star break they need to bolster the starting pitching depth. It makes total sense at the right price and could provide a great veteran presence in the young rotation.

No game tonight…and that sucks.

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  2 Responses to “Thursday Morning Changeups”

  1. Good perspective here Jasen. It’s a long season…

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    • Yes sir. I’m still steady sipping on my Rangers Kool-Aide and it’s most definitely still half full.

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