Jan 172012
  • Tuesday Morning SlidersContrary to the belief of Jasen and many others, T.R. Sullivan reports that the Rangers will not be in the hunt for Prince Fielder if they reach an agreement with Yu Darvish before Wednesday’s deadline.
  • Sullivan also mentions in the same update that Josh Hamilton’s father-in-law, Michael Dean Chadwick, has decided not to accept the position of Josh’s “accountability partner” due to family considerations.  Josh – I’m available, hit me up if interested.
  • Bison Messink wrote a short article for CNNSI writing off the Fielder visit as nothing more than a leverage-play in negotiations with Yu.  Stating “It’s a shrewd move by Nolan Ryan and the Rangers. No matter how ambitious they are seeking to be, there’s no way in hell the Rangers can afford to sign both Prince Fielder and Yu Darvish.”  I don’t like Bison Messink, because I think there is a way the Rangers could make it happen, and it doesn’t involve hell or Jon Daniels selling his soul to the Devil.  Might impact Josh Hamilton’s future with the club, but there IS a way…
  • I had my facts wrong on the podcast we recorded last night (which will be posted to the site later this morning) concerning the scenariofor Yu Darvish if he fails to come to an agreement with the Rangers before tomorrow’s 4pm deadline.  From Richard Durrett’s update, “Darvish could go through the posting process again after the 2012 season (no earlier than Nov. 1). His other option is to wait until after the 2013 season, when he’ll have enough years of professional baseball in Japan to come to the Major Leagues as a free agent, without going through the posting process. ”  I was under the impression that Darvish would be an outright free agent next off-season.
  • Durrett posted a good quandary yesterday over who would lose their spot in the rotation if/when Darvish signs.  I think it comes down to Ogando and Harrison, and I think Ogando’s value in the bullpen trumps everything else, so I’ll say he makes the transition with Harrison getting the 5th spot in the rotation.
  • Fan Fest was a good time last weekend.  For those that didn’t make it out, I would highly recommend it next year.
  • Cliff Corcoran wrote a good column for CNNSI about the Yankees snatching up Michael Pineda and Hiroki Kuroda on Friday night.  Corcoran compares the Pineda-Montero swap to the Rays sending Delmon Young to the Twins for Matt Garza.  Not the best comparison, but that’s partly what he’s getting at in that it’s pretty rare for two young players with such potential to be swapped liked this.  Looks like a win-win, but only time will tell.
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