May 152012

Tuesday Morning SlidersWe did play the Royals last night right?

In all fairness the Royals are a pretty decent, very young team loaded with minor league talent. In fact one might argue that the Royals look a lot like the Rangers did before their rise to an American League powerhouse. The Royals are 6 games below .500 but have had some nice wins against legit teams like the Yankees earlier this month.

As far as the Rangers are concerned, a let down was inevitable. In the middle of a tough stretch of games and coming off of a very emotional series with AL West rival Angels, the Rangers looked flat. The offense couldn’t muster more than a run off of BRUCE CHEN.

Tuesday Morning Sliders 

If there was a bright spot to last nights loss it was the mammoth home run by Nelson Cruz who appears to be busting out of a slump.

What they were saying after the game courtesy of Foxnews sports:

Ned Yost

“I think Bruce Chen faced Josh Hamilton about as good as you can face him,” Royals manager Ned Yost said. “Two souvenirs in the stands.”

Michael Young

“That was a great win right there. Bruce was just superb,” Young said. “He made one mistake, and the pitch wasn’t that bad a pitch, but it was a 2-0 cutter right into Cruz’s hot zone. Besides that, he was spectacular.”

“Mixing it up. Hard, soft, in, out,” Michael Young said. “No patterns, just throwing anything in any count.”

Wash on Scott Feldman

“He certainly gave us a lot more than we expected,” Washington said. “Unfortunately, the guy who made the mistake is one who doesn’t make many.”

Wash on Bruce Chen and why he was so effective

“If I knew, we’d have swung the bat a lot better,” he said. “We really only smoked one ball.” 

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