May 082012

Tuesday Morning SlidersThey call him Snyder…Brandon Snyder.

The Rangers flew into Baltimore coming off of their third consecutive series loss on Monday. Although the pitching hasn’t been as good as it was the first month of the season the real glaring weakness lately has been the lack of production from what is normally a potent offense. The gang was all together again on Monday night when the Rangers were able to insert Adrian Beltre and his injured hamstring back into the lineup as a DH against those first place Baltimore Orioles. Naturally with the offense back together with guys like Josh Hamilton, Nelson Cruz and Ian Kinsler the hero of the night was…Brandon Snyder?

In 2005 Brandon Snyder was drafted by these same Orioles and last night he decided to repay their faith in him by driving in a career high 6 RBIs including a smash 3 run home run to right center field which gave the Rangers the separation they needed. Love hearing some of the quotes after the game from BSnyd (made up nickname).

“I’m probably going to have to wake up tomorrow and read something to make sure it happened, It’s a special night, being back in Baltimore, but the biggest thing is having my family there.”

Ron Washington was pleased with Snyd Bomb’s (I’m trying different nicknames out here)  production last night.

“He got us a big two-out RBI hit. We certainly needed that,” Washington said. “Then he gave us a three-run bomb that gave us a cushion, and then he drove in another one. He gave us what we needed.”

JJ Hardy thinks that little 17 game inning yesterday may have had something to do with the Orioles performance. Excuses, excuses…

“No one here is going to make excuses, they’ve got a good lineup it’s no secret,” said shortstop J.J. Hardy, who had three of the Orioles’ six hits. “Were we tired? Possibly. Possibly. I mean, we played six hours and seven minutes yesterday than a flight back. I’m not saying that’s what happened is, we were tired, but maybe.”

Lost in all the Snyd Machine’s performance was the 1oth home run for Josh Hamilton in the 9th inning. I think its safe to say that Josh is trying to impress baseball this contract year.

Quick Hits:

- The Rangers will continue the tail end of this road trip tonight against the Orioles with Neftali Feliz taking on Plano East and TCU Alum Jake Arrieta.

- Only SRO and obstructed view seats available for Friday night’s uber-matchup of CJ Wilson and Yu Darvish. While we are all so excited for this matchup, lets not forget that the two teams closest to the Rangers in the standings are the A’s and Mariners. Just keep an eye out.

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