Mar 062012

Tuesday Morning Sliders   Spring Training Edition

Things I love about spring:

1. How excited weathermen get knowing there are going to be some all-nighters soon with ridiculous Texas spring storms

2. I can open my windows and paint doesn’t melt off the walls.

3. Restaurant patios, beer on restaurant patios, food on restaurant patios…you get the idea.


Speaking of baseball, the Rangers took on the Royals again yesterday in the second Cactus league game of the young Spring schedule. Here are some of the notables:

  • Fairly pointless to even mention the score but in case you care, Rangers lost a heartbreaker 6-7
  • Derek Holland started this game going two innings and giving up one run. Holland made it clear that he was working on his off speed stuff to prepare for the season but there is still work to be done. Holland talked about it after the game  ”I’ve made some big adjustments and it’s softer than last year. My teammates can see it. I need to slow it down a little bit, but I’m getting it over to strikes. I had good action, just a little bit firm.”
  • Tiny Elvis was the biggest offensive bright spot for the Rangers with two singles and a triple in the game. Elvis as an offensive weapon makes this lineup EVEN MORE scary.
  • Texas will get away from those pesky Royals today and go play the Arizona Diamondbacks.  Mike Napoli should be behind the plate again today testing the ankle.
  • Next week the Rangers pitchers will get an extra day of rest since one game will be started by rookie Martin Perez. This should be an exciting game if you care to see what one of the Rangers top prospects has against major league hitters.
  • WEDNESDAY IS YU DARVISH DAY!!!!!! I’m sure the Rangers aren’t but I am certainly looking past todays game as the excitement builds for Yu’s debut against another team in real game action. This is spring training, and you won’t see the Yu that will be pitching in the regular season but its fun nonetheless.
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