Mar 142012

Wednesday Morning CurveballsGood Morning Ranger Fans, today is one day closer to Opening Day.  So we have that going for us…which is nice.

Some very interesting articles on the Rangers floating around out there so let me recap.

“We’re going to keep running the bases, but I want them to be more careful late in the game,” Washington said. “You can still be aggressive, but after the sixth inning you have to be 100 percent sure you can make it.

“Otherwise, you’re taking the bat out of the hands of Hamilton. Or Beltre. Or Young. Or Cruz. Or Napoli. Early in the game, we can live with it. Late in the game we can’t because we don’t want pitchers to be able to run from our guys.”

I think the Rangers are at their absolute best when they are aggressive on the basepads. The key is not to take away run opportunities from the big guns.

  • The Rangers reached an agreement with the Tom Hicks owned Ballpark Real Estate for BPiA parking lot rental. Last year the Rangers actually sued them because they were overcharging for rent. Shocking that Tom Hicks is trying to screw the Rangers like he did his entire tenure as owner. Still bitter. Nonetheless they are locked up for the next two years.

Yu Darvish started the Rangers Spring Training game yesterday against the Indians. Instead of breaking it down, go read Baseballdo’s own Tim Howell who broke down the entire start here.

I found the Indians quotes about impressions of Yu Darvish interesting. These are from

  • “He has very good stuff,” Indians manager Manny Acta said. “But he’s just getting in shape, so it’s not really fair to judge him.”

  • “I only saw him for six pitches, one at-bat,” said Jack Hannahan, who doubled off Darvish in the second inning. “I don’t care how hard you throw, if your fastball is straight, it’s going to get hit.”

  • “He’s got good life on his fastball, and he looked comfortable out there,” Kipnis said. “It doesn’t seem like he’s bothered by any situation.”

  • “I had two at-bats against him and struck out,” Choo said. “But I’m not going to hit a 95 mile-an-hour fastball in February.”

I wouldn’t be surprised to see players get sick of being asked about Darvish very quickly.

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