Apr 042012

Wednesday Morning CurveballsIts time for another BOLD prediction for the 2012 Texas Rangers season.

Mitch Moreland will remain healthy all year and will hit 30 home runs.

That’s why it’s called ”BOLD” people! I know some people are rolling their eyes at the prospect of a productive Mitch Moreland but I think this is going to be his break out year. In two seasons in the Major Leagues Moreland has only his 25 home runs but hit 16 in an injury plagued season last year. I’m a big believer that a large portion of a player’s ability is related to his mental state of mind. After an off-season filled with rumors of big time free agent first baseman making their way to Arlington the dust has settled and Moreland is the last man standing. With those distractions and the nagging wrist injury in the rear view mirror, Mitch is poised to break out and live up to the expectations the club has for him.  I’m sure there are those out there that believe that spring training stats mean nothing but Moreland has seemingly found his groove in the last couple of weeks. He his .283 and had three impressive home runs in Cactus League games this year. Get ready to see those Mitch Moreland at bats that we have all grown to love a lot more this year at the Temple.

Quick hits:

The Rangers played the Mexico City Red Devils yesterday at the most wonderful place on Earth (the BPiA)

  • Matt Harrison finished off a very impressive spring with another solid outing against “The Yankees of Mexico”.  In his scheduled four innings he struck out five and walked none
  • Ian Kinsler homered…yet again…and his hair was awesomely out of control.
  • Sounds like Tateyama is going to be on the DL to start the season with what the club is calling “back stiffness”. If I went on the DL every time I had back stiffness I wouldn’t have a job.
  • Yu Darvish gets to face some Double-A’ers today in Frisco. It will be the last tune up before the regular season for Yu before he gets to face the Seattle Mariners in his first start on Monday. He is scheduled to go four innings.

There are rumors flying around about the possibility of the Rangers making Ian Kinsler the highest paid second baseman in baseball history. I’ve been of the opinion that if there was one guy that I want the Rangers to lock up LONG term its Ian and it sounds like its close to happening. This makes me very happy. Kinsler had this to say about the possibility;

“Whether that makes me the highest paid second baseman or not, I don’t know, but I want to be here.”

I wanted to give another shout out to our friend Kyle and the Patty Shack Burger family as they were effected by the tornado yesterday and sustained some pretty serious damage. They are going to be down for a little while during the rebuild but I have no doubt that they will be back stronger than ever.


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