May 162012

Wednesday Morning Curves


I was going to start this post off complaining about the over-managment of the lineup during this two game sweep by the Royals. I was going to point out how guys like Miguel Cabrera and Joey Votto haven’t had a day off yet this year and they are hitting over .300 and leading their teams while being 5 and 6 years older than Elvis Andrus. I was going to show how there is no statistical correlation between days off early in the season and better performance late in the season. I was even going to show how time off can actually disrupt a hot hitters timing thus taking him “out of the zone”

But alas…I won’t do any of that. I’ll just focus on what happened yesterday.

In all fairness the Rangers probably didn’t lose because Elvis Andrus and Nelson Cruz weren’t in the lineup. Colby Lewis imploded in the first inning for the second game in a row and didn’t really give his team a chance to win. After his last start when Colby gave up back to back to back home runs he actually got worse against the Royals. Thanks to his throwing error to first on a routine grounder back to the pitcher, Colby gave up four runs (all unearned).

The bright spot for me yesterday was the home run by Brandon Snyder. In a very small sample size, Snyder has shown me enough to be intrigued. The guy has sneaky power and plays with the enthusiasm of a player trying to break into regular playing time.

What they were saying after the game courtesy of ESPNDALLAS:

Colby on his performance

“They did a good job of hitting them where we weren’t,” Lewis said, apparently referring to hard-to-reach spots like the outfield walls.

Wash on Colby

“He hit a bad stretch and we’re going to fight through it,” Washington said after being pressed on the issue of Lewis being hit hard after the errors. “We’re not going to get concerned about anything. We’re going to do what we always do — go to work and try to correct things. It’s a long season.

“Next time he goes out there, you never know, it might be the beginning of him rattling off three or four (great starts). That’s the way we think.”

Ned Yost

“To come in here and win two games is big for us,” said Royals manager Ned Yost. “Our pitching has been pretty good. That shows you how good.”

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