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Yu Darvish, It’s now safe to call him an ace.












Tanner Holubar – Guest contributor

Following his second 14 strikeout performance of the season, Yu Darvish has shown nearly enough for the righty to be considered one of the top pitchers in the American League.

Darvish owns a record of 5-1, with an ERA of 2.56 and leads the major leagues with 72 strikeouts; in only 45.2 innings.

Yu keeps the Rangers in every game, and with Ron Washington letting him throw 127 pitches today, the Rangers’ skipper showed his confidence in the 6’5 Darvish.

It is arguable Wash would have pulled anybody else who had thrown so many pitches in the seventh inning, and any other pitcher would not still have been hitting 94 on the gun.

These are the traits of a top flight pitcher. With the manager leaving his guy in the late innings with the game tied, and with the pitcher being able to keep his normal velocity.

Darvish proved both of these to be true in today’s game, and if he can keep this up he can be considered the long awaited ace the Rangers and us fans have been waiting for.

Most pitchers in their second season would not be looked at as a top pitcher in baseball. With Darvish it is a different story, not only because he leads all of baseball in strikeouts, but because he holds a lower ERA than most would hold in a hitter’s haven like The Ballpark.

Darvish fools hitters like few pitchers can. He can throw high 90s heat or fool a hitter with a 60 mph curve that takes longer to get to the plate than Benjie Molina getting to first base. Darvish also throws about five other pitches that make him so unhittable at times, batters need not bring a bat to the plate.

The arrival of Darvish in Arlington shows the brilliance of what Jon Daniels has been able to keep up since he learned from the mistake of trading Adrian Gonzalez for another starter who was so disappointing the name Adam Eaton sounds like getting offered a Natural Light rather than a Shiner Bok.

Darvish also gives fans something to cheer about more than the YUUUUUUUUUUU birds that echo around Rangers Ballpark. He gives Rangers fans the joy of watching the most dominate starter the team has had since The Ryan Express was striking out hitters in his late 40s.

Darvish is now a proven commodity in the MLB, and he now only needs to win some playoff games before he takes his perch as a top five pitcher in the game.

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